Plan Reviews

Chaffee County Fire Protection District and Chaffee County have mutually adopted the International Fire Code, 2006 edition, with amendments. The County Clerk can provide you with the ordinace adopting the code as well as the amendeds adopted to the code. In short, the Fire Code applies to all new and existing structures other than 1-2 family dwellings; see the code and adoption for a better understanding of its proper application. The following documents can help you move through the building and development process with greater ease and efficiency.


Building Application with Fee Schedule

Subdivision Application with Fee Schedule

Payment in Lieu of Water Supply Application


Water Supply

If the development of fire suppression water supply is required for your proposed project, then it must follow the adopted standards. It is strongly recommened that you review the plans and hydraulic model for the system with us prior to installation, so as to avoid any change after installation.

-Cisterns: must be installed in accordance with the Chaffee County Cistern Plan, which can be obtained at the building department, and NFPA 1142

-Dry Hydrants: must be installed in accordance with NFPA 1142

-Private Pressurized Hydrant Systems: mains and appurtenances must be installed in accordance with NFPA 24; water tanks must be installed in accordance with NFPA 22


Fire Sprinkler Systems

All installations of fire suppression systems must be performed by a contactor registered with the State of Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC). Chaffee County Fire does not provide a plan review or inspection service for fire sprinkler systems as those servies are provided by DFPC.


Fire Alarm Systems 

Plans for fire alarm/notification systmes must be reviewed by Chaffee County Fire prior to the installation of the system. No seperate permit is required for this system. An acceptance test will be performed  in accorandce with NFPA 72.