Station 1

Located on Antero Circle, Station 1 houses the administration offices for Chaffee County Fire Protection District. From the outside it may look...  Details

Station 15

Driving north along US Highway 24, just off the east side of the highway, Station 15 is visible. Located at the head of the valley, this...  Details

Station 2

Station 2, in Nathrop, can been seen from Highway 285. Built in 1977, Station 2 is one of the original stations when the Fire District was known as...  Details

Station 3

Built in 1977, Station 3 was the original home for administration activities for Chaffee County Fire Protection District. With a little over 3,900...  Details

Station 4

At the heart of Poncha Springs, next door to Town Hall you will find Station 4. Situated at the "Cross Roads of the Rockies", this site...  Details

Station 5

Station 5 is the newest of all the Chaffee County Fire Protection District locations. This station was made possible through a very generous land...  Details