Mitigation Trailer

The mitigation trailer is an available resource to the residents of Chaffee County. Chaffee County Fire provides this trailer to haul off slash to make fire mitigation slightly easier. The trailer itself is a 7.5 ft X 14 ft X 5 ft tall trailer with a 14,000-pound capacity.

How It Works:

The first step is to review the mitigation trailer calendar for availability. If you know certain dates you will be cutting slash or have help, the earlier you reserve those dates the greater the chance is that the trailer will be reserved for you. To reserve the trailer, complete the mitigation trailer use agreement in the required fields and send to us OR contact the office at (719) 395-6545. All reservation requests, must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Please note that weekend delivery is on Friday with pick up on Monday. To allow the entire community use of the trailer, we are only able to allow up to two days reservation; please contact the office for special events or other considerations.

Once you reserve the trailer, we will contact you the day of the delivery to let you know a general time we will be at the address to be mitigated. Unfortunately, we are not able to commit to a specific delivery time as we are an active fire department and emergency calls come first. We will do our best to work with your schedule though. When we arrive at your address, we will make sure you understand the rules of the trailer use (found in the mitigation trailer use agreement) and leave the trailer for you to fill.

When the trailer is scheduled to be picked up, again, we are unable to commit to a specific time, we will haul away the slash in the trailer.

What We Need from You:

At the time of drop off, we collect a $100, refundable, damage deposit (check form preferably, as any unused deposit is returned via mail), as well as a $50 usage fee for residence of the Fire District, $75 for those outside of the Fire District (if you are unsure, please contact us to verify). At this time, the District is only able to accept either cash or check for payment. We will ask that you sign and agree to the terms of use (outlined in the mitigation trailer use agreement).


This is not a trash service, so we cannot accept the any of the following: garbage, garbage bags, milled lumber, construction trash, tires, glass, car batteries, refrigerators, weed or ground cover (duff). Additional information regarding restrictions are found the in the mitigation trailer use agreement. If any restricted materials are found in the trailer, the cost of disposing them will be taken out of the damage deposit.

For further information, questions or to reserve the trailer, please call (719) 395-6545 or email us.