We've got a spot for you!

Did you know that well over 50% of firefighters nationwide are volunteers? We are currently looking for individuals from all walks of life that are passionate about helping their community and frankly want to be part of the greatest profession on earth. 

If you have ever considered firefighting, or have ever wondered what other options might be available to volunteer with us, we encourage you to download the Volunteer Firefighter Job Description to learn more about our Candidate Training Program, then fill out our Application and submit your completed form.

We recruit year round, so an opportunity to join is always on the horizon.

Don't want to fight fires but still want to be a part of the team? We are also looking for volunteers to fill a variety of support roles within the organization as we continually evolve to better serve both our membership and our community.

Interested applicants will call or text:  Steven Jones, Retention and Recruitment Coordinator for Chaffee County Fire Protection District, at (719)581-0045 or email sjones@chaffeecountyfire.org

You can also learn more by calling (719) 395-6545, or dropping by our main office at 499 Antero Circle in Buena Vista to talk with us in person.